Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga originated in India more than 5000 years ago. This system of exercise focuses not only on the health of the body, but also of the mind and spirit. Hatha yoga involves a lot of asanas, or postures, where you need to hold the body in certain positions for a specific period of time. Hatha yoga has several branches including Iyengar yoga, Kriya yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Bikram yoga and Vini yoga. Some asanas focus on improving flexibility while others develop strength and balance in the body. An important part of hastha yoga is controlling and regulating your breathing pattern, which is also known as pranayama.

Hatha Yoga for All Ages

Whatever age you might be or whatever your state of mind, you are sure to find yoga fun and beneficial. You might be young or old, fit or ailing, there will be an asana out there that will be suitable for you and will successfully make you fitter and stronger.

Children and teenagers find it relatively easy to pick up the asanas of hath yoga as they have a body that is extremely flexible. Along with retaining and improving their flexibility, children can improve their co-ordination and concentration and it can also help them develop a sense of discipline.

Pregnant women also find yoga an ideal form of exercise. Being relatively gentle, with fluid and non-jerky movements, yoga reduces backache that is common in this condition. Women who regularly practiced yoga found their labor pains to be shorter and less intensive.

For older people, yoga brings flexibility, better posture, a stronger spine, and better blood circulation, subsequently getting rid of back pain, indigestion, and breathing disorders.

The Physical Benefits of Hatha Yoga

The physical benefits of hatha yoga have been acknowledged by many people all over the world. Practicing the various postures, stretching your body and regulating your breathing brings with it several benefits for your body. It’s a well known fact that it improves the overall flexibility of the body. Apart from this, it improves your balance, corrects your posture and gives you strong and well toned muscles. Circulation of blood increases in the body relieving you of muscle pain and making you feel fresh and energized.

There are a lot of people who take to hatha yoga to lose weight and get a better body. Even though yoga doesn’t increase the heart rate for a long duration of time, it can tone and tighten the muscles, thereby improving your looks.

Mental Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga goes a long way in relaxing the mind, and makes it strong enough to fight stress. You are able to concentrate and focus better and you’ll find yourself becoming a calmer and less agitated person. It increases one’s awareness about the body and clears the mind of all kinds of negativity. If there are any chronic stress patterns in your body, hatha yoga helps to relieve them.

Hatha yoga empowers you to cope with all the hassles of a modern day life. The deep breathing exercises taught in hatha yoga can be done anytime and anywhere and they recharge your body and mind almost instantaneously!

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